Thank you from Nassau-Suffolk Council of Hospital Auxiliaries.

Thank You letter from Nassau-Suffolk Council of Hospital Auxiliaries First Vice President and Convention Chairperson, Edna Fetkowitz.

Testimonial 1

Mr. Atlas & Staff,

Everyone was wonderful, professional and courteous at all times.  Only kindness and compassion, led our family through difficult and emotional solutions. Thank you for always being just a phone call away as we were escorted through the maze.

Thank you for all seems inadequate.

Mrs. Alba Dempsey

Testimonial 2

I am writing this as a client of Howard J. Atlas, P.C.  I first came to Mr. Atlas to help me navigate the complicated system of getting my elderly mother onto Medicaid so that I could get her into a Nursing Facility, due to her failing health.  This was a very stressful and emotionally difficult time, but Mr. Atlas made the process less daunting and brought me to a successful conclusion.  More valuable to me at the time was his compassion and gentle manner in which he conducted himself.  He took so much stress away as he helped me in what seemed like an overwhelming task.

Not long after, my husband became ill and passed away.  After going through the extreme emotional toil of this great loss, I again sought out Mr. Atlas to help me take care of my own affairs, as I was concerned that I would leave confusion and stress for my son, should something now happen to me.  After a few visits and a lot of patience and “hand holding” by Mr. Atlas, I came away with a sense of peace in knowing that I had all of the necessary papers in order.

I walked away from both of these experiences feeling that I not only had found a wonderful lawyer, but also a friend.  I fact, a year after my husband passed away, I fell at work and broke my kneecap.  Mr. Atlas sent a gift basket to my home.

One of the things that I admire most in Mr. Atlas is that he is a very spiritual and kind person and his character shines through in his work.  It might be easy to find a lawyer who has the credentials and ability to get a job done, but it is the heart of a person that makes all the difference.

When I asked Mr. Atlas to come to the aid of a friend of mine, he said yes without hesitation.  I conduct seminars for widows/widowers to help them through their grief and I asked Mr. Atlas to cone to speak (for free)…and of course, he said yes!  I have recommended my family to Mr. Atlas and I am pleased to pass his name onto anyone who needs assistance.  I am proud to know Howard Atlas and I feel lucky that I found a lawyer that practices with grace and intelligence.

Brenda Ferrante

Testimonial 3

My husband and I were very pleased with Mr. Atlas and his staff, in particular, with Lynn Mandaro who handled most of our case.  Everyone was very knowledgeable, kind and caring and returned all calls and inquiries very promptly. We would not hesitate to avail ourselves of their services again.

Sharon & James Bagg

Testimonial 4

Dear Mr. Atlas,

Words can not express my gratitude in the caring, kind, expert advice, and service you provided my family in regards to our Beloved Mother! We left your office feeling confident and educated with the options you explained in depth with compassion and patience. We feel so grateful that you were highly recommended to us as the “Best Elder Care Attorney” in the field.  We respect and admire the way you comforted us through every step of this sad, painful process.

Your staff has also been very kind and helpful.  Diane is amazing!  She is a valuable asset to your firm.  Her professionalism and efficiency was very comforting and important to me, as she is the first person I speak to when I call the office.

Karen is also another wonderful woman who was a tremendous help.  Not only was she knowledgeable, compassionate and kind, she was extremely helpful with the legal aspects of my mother’s case, and also obtaining skillful outside agencies to assist my mother with home care.

Thank you so much Mr. Atlas!

With Sincere Thanks,

Donna Tamborino and family

Testimonial 5

Recently my mother applied for Medicaid.  I hired an elder care lawyer who recommended a Medicaid process service with the understanding that they would work together. Both had very expensive fees.  They gave me a list of what was needed however, I did most of the work.  I found that when you worked with these two people it was twice the effort with very little satisfaction.  It was an extremely frustrating experience and eventually resulted in the application being filed with multiple errors.  The result was my firing the lawyer and processor.

I did some research and met with Howard J. Atlas, P.C. and his staff.  After reviewing the original applications and supporting documents, they found several mistakes and immediately advised my mother of her options.  This knowledgeable group is professional, polite and very patient. Their assistance changed what was a nightmare into a manageable experience.

The group was aware of what coverage my mother should have and fought Medicaid on her behalf to ensure she was treated fairly.  They handled everything for my Mom and the Medicaid application was approved within a few months.  Their advice has saved me thousands of dollars and their fees were 50% less than the original lawyer and processor.

I feel very fortunate to have found Howard J. Atlas and his staff.  They have made the Medicaid process easy for my mother while ensuring she gets the benefits she deserves.  I highly recommend Howard and his staff to my family and friends.

Mr. Warner

Testimonial 6

Dear Howard,

We are writing this to say how absolutely special you and your staff have been to us through a number of family situations over many years.  You and your staff – Robin Messinger in particular – were there for us after the untimely death of our son Steven in 2007, who was predecease3d by his wife Roseann in 2002.  You and Robin were there for us immediately and in fact are still administering the estate.  More recently, just this past April, Fran and I changed our wills.  The new wills had to be signed, notarized and witnessed, but Fran was suffering from a medical condition and was unable to walk.  You made arrangements for Robin and other members of your staff to come to our car in the parking lot of your office building and execute the required paperwork.

Howard, you are truly a mensch supported by a staff of wonderful, dedicated people. Thank you for being there for us whenever we need you.

Most Sincerely,

Fran and Herb Sandler

Testimonial 7

To Whom It May Concern:

This testimonial is written on behalf of Howard J. Atlas, P.C., and his staff, who has helped our family in our legal and elder law matters for a period of at least ten years. He has been more than just a person who draws up legal documents, and gives advice on nursing home admissions, Medicaid, home care, nursing services, assisted living, and many other legalities.  Howard is the person you turn to when there is trouble in the world of health, sickness and finances involving same.  He is the first person we turn to when we need help.  He’s the go-to guy.

Howard was there for us drawing up wills, health care proxies, powers of attorney and other documents. Howard took care of both our mothers, and our aunt when they needed nursing home placement.  All very professionally, competently, and with a good heart.

We consider Howard our friend.

Very Truly Yours,

Barry S. Weisner and Rose Weisner

Testimonial 8

Howard has been a trusted attorney for our family since 2007; first to handle my mother’s affairs and later to prepare wills, healthcare proxies and Power of Attorneys for my wife and me.  During our initial consultation he never made us feel rushed or that his attention was anywhere but on the situation being discussed.  He and his staff have always been available to answer questions and his extensive knowledge of Elder Law has saved us from various missteps in planning.


Doyle M. Brown

Testimonial 9

Dear Mr. Atlas,

A long overdue note of gratitude to you and your kind, caring, and very professional staff.  Your knowledge and patience was invaluable in putting together our family trust.  We were so grateful that you could interrupt the whole process while two family were going through unexpected drastic health issues.  Their medical and surgical needs definitely had an impact on the decisions concerning the trust.

We so appreciated the patience and understanding you and your staff members extended to us during this process of waiting and healing.  We were very pleased with the completion of our legal process this May 2015.  We are wishing you the best always.

With Appreciation,


Testimonial 10

Having known Howard since 2003, I have had the opportunity to experience his expertise and his ability to explore options, explain issues, and resolve problems.  He and members of his firm have consistently acted with a professionalism that inspires confidence and illustrates that any challenges I face would be handled with efficiency and competence. I am grateful for their efforts on my behalf over the years and I am so happy to know that I can always count on Howard’s intelligent advice and integrity.  I have a lawyer whom I trust!

Pam Volpe

Testimonial 11

When I first come to see Howard Atlas it was on the advice of my attorney who felt I needed the expertise of an elder care lawyer.  Howard came very highly recommended.  My husband was very ill.  In the fifty-two years of our marriage, I was not at all involved with our finances.  I had never paid a bill.  Howard realized that I needed reassurance that I could in fact make the informed decisions necessary to secure our financial future.  He gave me the emotional support as well as the legal advice so that I was able to do that.

During this time I would call his office frequently, very often asking questions that I had asked before.  My husband called from the hospital.  My son was also in contact with Howard.  He was always patient and understanding of our situation.  Everyone in his office was always helpful and available to us when we needed them.

As people get older they need to look ahead and make the necessary plans for their security because no one knows what the future holds.  Howard did an exceptional job for the Zoller family and we will always be grateful.

Judy Zoller

Testimonial 12

If you are in need of an “elder attorney” you have your man in Howard J. Atlas. He and his staff are able, caring, gracious and of the highest moral character. I have recommended Mr. Atlas to several of my friends and they too are as satisfied as we are. Our lives have been considerably enhanced because of the program Mr. Atlas chose for us.


Emanuel J. Campisi, caregiver for Janet Campisi who suffers from Alzheimer’s

Testimonial 13

Dear Howard,

It is my pleasure to write about my personal experience with both you and your staff.  Starting with your guidance and support to obtain Medicaid assistance for my Mother in 2007 thru my Wife’s untimely passing in 2012. Your advice and guidance continues to be invaluable.  A special thanks also to Karen Eschbach for her responsive and knowledgeable help thru the multiple challenges of the Medicaid labyrinth.


Martin H. Jaffe

Testimonial 14

Elder care issues for our loved ones are an unfortunate and almost always a necessary consequence of the aging process that we all must face.  Quite uncertain as to how to proceed with basically any and all associated matters beginning with nursing, feeding, housing, etc. and of course the ultimate departure of our dear ones, we asked a friend who had been similarly situated shortly before my mother developed Alzheimer’s Disease.  My sister and I were referred to Howard Atlas as the attorney she had used to handle all the necessary steps.  Upon her recommendation we went to see Mr. Atlas and one of his associates who walked us through the entire process seamlessly and then went on to hold our hands throughout the duration.

Every nuance, every detail, any conceivable issue we faced was dealt with by either Mr. Atlas or his assistant with the utmost of professionalism as well as compassion in this extraordinarily sensitive time.  I must finally add that subsequently we referred two additional clients to Mr. Atlas, both of whom were equally satisfied.

Paula Marshak

Testimonial 15

I was in a N.Y. State mandated training program to become a State Certified Volunteer Ombudsman when Howard gave the class a lecture on the various programs available to help the elderly.  His presentation as well as his handouts were excellent and very specific.  I knew I was listening to someone who knew his subject very well.  When my wife fell ill and needed Nursing Home care, I retained Howard and his firm to process and prepare my wife’s Medicaid application.  He and his staff obtained all the required information, including the five year look back, within 2 months and submitted same to DSS.  That Agency accepted and approved same within 6 weeks with no changes.  The professional caregivers that I spoke with advised me that when they dealt with Howard’s office, they felt they could rely on the paperwork to be complete, accurate and timely and therefore the application for Medicaid would be approved quickly.  I agree and would recommend anyone who needs help with any Elder Law problem, to contact the Law Office of Howard J. Atlas.

Eugene R. Kelley

Testimonial 16

As a “Senior” Elder Care can be an overwhelming problem. Mr. Atlas, and his extremely competent staff, take the pressure off you.  They assist and advise you through all your needs.  Truly a “Senior’s” best friend for all your legal needs.  Thanks for always being there when I needed advice and assistance.


Elaine Lehe

Testimonial 17

Dear Howard and Karen,

I wanted to express my appreciation for a job well done.  Howard Atlas and his assistant Karen Eschbach have always “gone the extra mile” in meeting my family’s needs.  Facing the task of caring for a loved one is daunting both financially and emotionally.  Howard and Karen have helped, and continue to help, every step of the way.  On more than one occasion, I have called Karen because I received a request from Social Services that seemed overwhelming.  Karen was always able to put the matter in perspective and assist in getting the job done.  I would recommend Howard and his team without reservation.  They are knowledgeable, efficient and caring.  They offer the unusual combination of expertise and personal care and concern.  I could not be more pleased with the assistance I have received from them.

Susan Bongiorno

Testimonial 18

Howard Atlas has been the Elder Care Attorney for our family members for almost twenty years.

Each was a different case with its own unique problems and in each instance his advice and personalized service brought about complete resolution to all issues.  He accomplished this in a very caring, compassionate atmosphere of mutual respect, honesty and trust.

He and his staff promptly answer your calls with genuine caring and professionalism.  Howard holds personal meetings with his clients that are extremely informative, supportive and unhurried.

Time and again Howard has shown us he has our best interests at heart and we could not have put our family and future in better hands.

Eileen and Eddie Metzler