In the course of representing and counseling seniors and their families on matters related to Elder Law and Estate Planning, our clients will sometimes encounter serious conflicts which not only can result in time consuming and expensive litigation, but also the possibility of significant financial loss.

When these situations arise, the attorneys at the Atlas Law Group will assist clients with resolving disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.  At the outset, we thoroughly evaluate, with our clients, their dispute resolution options, with the goal of resolving the dispute without resorting to unnecessary litigation.  We have successfully negotiated cost-effective resolutions to the following disputes:

  1. Conflicts among family members as to the distribution of assets under a will or a Trust.
  2. Spousal Support Actions instituted against our client-the community spouse-by the county Medicaid Office on behalf of an institutionalized spouse.
  3. A lien instituted against the estate of a Medicaid recipient by the county Medicaid Office.
  4. An initial denial of chronic institutional Medicaid services by the county Medicaid Office. In the event that the initial negotiations between our staff and the county Medicaid Office are unsuccessful in reversing the denial, the Atlas Law Group has successfully overturned these initial denials by winning many cases at Administrative Fair Hearings.

In the event that we are unable to resolve a conflict through negotiations, the Atlas Law Group is affiliated with a network of the finest litigation attorneys in the Long Island / New York metropolitan region in order to further assist our clients.