If you have a loved one who is a minor or an adult child or grandchild that is disabled and has special needs, there are many important planning issues that need to be addressed with regard to the present and future care of your loved one with special needs:

  1. Who will be the caregiver or guardian of that loved one in the event of your future incapacity or death?
  2. As your loved one with special needs gets older, what governmental programs will he/she be entitled to in order to provide for his/her living expenses and medical care?
  3. Upon demise, how can you leave assets to your loved one with special needs, without affecting his/her eligibility for government entitlement programs?
  4. What type of “Special Need” or Supplemental Needs Trust should be created during your or your loved one’s lifetime and /or at your demise in order to benefit your loved one with special needs?

At the Atlas Law Group, we can assist you with reaching your goals by offering different planning techniques and strategies to ensure that your loved one’s personal and specialized medical needs are met now and in the future, without affecting any existing public benefits.