From establishing a strategic plan for your future, to assisting an Executor or Trustee with the administration of an estate, the Atlas Law Group is well equipped to handle all of your Elder Law, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Special Needs Planning concerns. Please explore our list of services to better understand how we can assist you and your family.

Elder Law

The Atlas Law Group devotes its law practice primarily to Elder Law. This is a specialized area of law that encompasses counseling seniors and their families on a wide range of legal issues, including Estate, Medicaid, and Asset Protection Planning.

Asset Protection Planning

Plan ahead and preserve your family legacy. Our legal team utilizes innovative planning strategies to build and protect our clients’ assets.


We provide cutting-edge legal advice to assist you and your family in obtaining Medicaid eligibility, which can help you pay for either in-home or nursing home care. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we streamline the often-frustrating application process by communicating directly with the county Medicaid offices.

Estate Planning

We take pride in assisting multigenerational clients, both young and old, with planning their estate and developing strategies to minimize costs, delays, and taxes. Preparing the proper legal documents, such as wills, trusts, health care proxies, and durable powers of attorney, ensures that all of your goals and wishes are met and that someone can handle your affairs in the event of future incapacity.

Special Needs Planning

Our legal team can help you create a plan to allocate assets for a loved one with special needs to ensure that his/her personal and specialized medical needs are met without affecting existing public benefits.

Estate and Trust Administration

When a loved one dies, it is a difficult and emotional time. Whether you are appointed as an Executor or Trustee, or you are a beneficiary of an estate, the Atlas Law Group is here to compassionately guide you through the financial and legal complexities that often accompany the death of a loved one.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be both time-consuming and expensive. If you are involved in a dispute over the distribution of assets under a will or trust, or the county Medicaid office is pursuing a claim against a loved one’s estate, our legal team has the skills and experience to negotiate a timely and cost-effective resolution.