The Greatest Gift of All…….Communication

  |  March 28, 2016


At the Atlas Law Group we pride ourselves in working with different professionals in order to meet our clients’ needs.  In support of our colleagues and these relationships, we encourage them to share some important information for seniors and their families through our blog.  Below is some valuable information from our first guest blogger, Nancy Geller.


The Greatest Gift of All…….Communication

One of the cornerstones of success is communication, whether it is with a parent, spouse, child, sibling, significant other, friend or healthcare provider.  In life, particularly with regard to health issues, there are sometimes difficult choices to make.  The more you let your loved ones know what you want to occur if you become ill, the easier it is to make decisions.  Healthcare choices are challenging to discuss.  We often dance around the topic and never truly get there.  Sometimes the person themselves will be capable of making the decision, but knowing that you support them and understand that person’s decision, is essential to the relationship.  Even more crucial is understanding what the individual wants to happen so that you, as his/her selected agent can make the right decision for them, if the person is unable.

The greatest gift that my parents have given me and my siblings is that we know their wishes.  In light of this, whatever choices are made are theirs, even if we have to act on their behalf.  Essentially, my parents have continued with the parenting role in their later years: always trying to make life easier for their children.  We know what they want and will be able to respect their choices, because they made them and we support them with open and honest communication.  This for me, is the greatest gift of all.


By: Nancy Geller, LCSW, ACSW

Nancy Geller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who established an Elder Care Consulting Practice to assist clients and their families face the challenges of aging and ongoing healthcare issues. For more information please visit:


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